How to place an order for your books through Lightning Source

How many books can I order?

You can order as few as one copy for delivery either to you, your distributor, or
your customer. Lightning Source delivers worldwide.


You can track the progress of all orders you place through the website.

When can I place orders?

You can place book orders at any time once a title has been submitted. Titles
that are not ready for printing yet will appear highlighted in YELLOW in the
order with the annotation ‘Title Pending Set Up Completion’. These orders are
saved for you and printed as soon as the title becomes available.


Contact your Sales Manager to open a UK account. All transactions through a UK account will be billed in pound sterling.

Can I have books printed at both the US and UK facilities?

Yes. As a US client you have a US account and can order for delivery throughout
the world via this account. If you would like to have your order printed in
the UK for delivery to England and the rest of Europe you need to open a UK
account with us.

How do I place orders?

From the web screen, follow the menu path:

Step 1 Note

This is the user name and password you selected when you set up your account.
For orders printing out of the US use your US user name and password.

If you have set up a UK account and want to order books for printing in the UK use your UK user name and password.

Step 1.

Enter your user name and password.

Step 2.

In the Welcome screen click on:


Step 3 Note

To display a list of all the titles you currently have on file with Lightning Source leave the 'Keyword' field blank and simply click 'Start Search' after selecting the order type. The maximum number of titles that can be displayed is 50. If the title you are searching for is not present, please narrow your search criteria.

Step 3.

Order Books screen

You can search for a title by selecting an option from the pull down menu and then entering the information in the keyword field.

Once you have found the title you wish to order, tick the box and click Add to Order.

Step 4 Note

Shipping methods are determined by the ship-to address selected. Only the available shipping methods will be reflected in the options.

Step 4.

You will be asked to select both a return address and a shipping address.
If you are shipping to a new address, please add it to your address book before you begin the order. Select the appropriate shipping method and order type. Indicate if you wish to have the printing of the order rushed by ticking the "Rush this order" box.

Ship To:

Step 5 Note

You can view the list of addresses you have entered by selecting "Click to Change". To select a different address, simply click the box.

Step 5:

Adding a New Delivery Address.

The default delivery address will appear in the ‘Ship To’ section of the return address label at the top of the page. However, you can ship orders to any location. If the default ship to address is correct, you can continue with the remainder of the order. If you want to add a NEW delivery address, select (Click to change).

Enter the new delivery address details and click Save. Then click Back to Order.


By clicking I Accept the publisher authorizes Lightning Source to print copies as detailed on the order.
The publisher will be billed separately for any customs fees for international orders (including Canada.)

Step 6:

Once you have confirmed the shipping details, please enter the desired quantity
and click Update Order. The web will price your order according to the number
of books and the desired ship-to location. If you agree with the charges
and your order is complete, please click Submit order. If you need to add more
books and continue with the order, click Add more Books. You can repeat this
process as many times as needed until you have the order complete.

Step 7 Note

You can select to add a new credit card if you wish to pay by that method.

Step 7:

This is your last chance to verify the order details and to supply LSI with payment information for the order.

Step 8:

Enter a purchase order if desired.


If an error message is received or you do
not receive a web confirmation number
contact your Client Services Representative.

Step 9:

If you wish to receive an order confirmation and a shipping confirmation, please enter your email address into the fields provided. When the title is ready for printing, you will receive the first email. When the order has shipped, you will receive the second email, which will contain the corresponding UPS tracking numbers.

Step 10:

If you agree with the order details, please click I Accept. If you need to make any
changes, click I Decline or Edit Order to correct any of the information necessary.